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What Can I Be Compensated for in a Car Accident That Wasn’t My Fault?

Miami car accidents are traumatic, yet there is an opportunity to partially correct these injustices through financial compensation. Meet with a personal injury lawyer for an explanation of Florida auto accident law, and you will find accident claims set the stage for damages. Here’s a quick look at what you can be compensated for in a car accident that is not your fault.

Potential Damages for Miami Car Accidents

The legal damages available to you as a car accident victim hinge on the nuances of your unique case along with the details of your losses. Most Miami car accidents result in financial losses related to:

  • Medical treatment
  • Durable medical equipment
  • Vehicle damage
  • Lost time at work
  • Diminished earning capacity

Your personal injury lawyer Miami Beach will analyze your unique car accident to determine the extent of your potential damages. The focus then shifts to fiercely advocating on your behalf in and out of a court of law to maximize your financial compensation.

Medical Bills

Car accident damages typically center on medical bills as they are almost always the most expensive ramification of a collision. Medical bills after an auto accident take the form of costs for surgery, hospitalization, physician visits, and even rides to/from medical care centers. It is also possible that you will require durable medical equipment in the aftermath of such a collision. Some car accident victims also require prescription medication to treat potentially lifelong pain.

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Financial compensation to cover the cost of physical therapy and rehabilitation is within reach if you hire the right Miami personal injury lawyer. In extreme cases, financial compensation is within the realm of possibility for car accident victims who have injuries that require ongoing home care. Extensive or intensive injuries can last months, years, or even decades, necessitating the assistance of a home nurse or other care provider.

Damage to Property

Your automobile is likely the least of your concerns after a painful car accident. However, damage to a vehicle or possessions with a vehicle has the potential to amount to thousands of dollars. There is also the possibility that the accident caused damage to your home or business. The right Miami personal injury attorney will pave the way toward financial compensation to cover bills related to auto repairs and additional property repairs.

Compensation for the Intangible Losses of Pain and Suffering

When the topic of auto accidents is broached, most people think of tangible losses such as the loss of a vehicle, a broken bone, a bruise, or a laceration. However, financial compensation can also be obtained for the pain and suffering endured during and after the crash. This intangible, noneconomic damage provides you, the victim, with money to offset the physical and mental pain causally related to the accident.

Additional examples of intangible losses resulting from auto accidents include:

  • Disfigurement
  • Disability
  • Loss of enjoyment
  • Loss of consortium

Lean on your personal injury lawyer Miami Beach to articulate the different ways in which the accident negatively impacted your life to maximize the value of potential damages.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are those meant to punish the negligent party responsible for the accident. Negligence is a word often used by Miami Beach personal injury lawyers to refer to a party’s failure to provide appropriate care for others in their vicinity. If it is proven that a violation of such a duty of care occurred, punitive damages might be awarded to admonish the negligent party.

Costs Related to Death

A Miami Beach car accident that results in death sets the stage for a wrongful death lawsuit. If a family member or other loved one passed away at the accident scene or thereafter, meet with our personal injury lawyer Miami Beach as soon as possible. We will explore the possibility of a personal injury lawsuit to recover related expenses.

For example, burial costs, funeral expenses, the loss of guidance, and the loss of financial and/or emotional support qualify as compensable losses in wrongful death lawsuits resulting from Miami Beach car accidents.

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