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Why You Should Avoid Social Media During Your Injury Case

In an ideal world, Miami injury victims would pause all activity on social media platforms until their personal injury lawsuit concluded. The words you say and type after your Miami injury have the potential to shift the scales of justice in or against your favor. Even posting a single picture to social media can compromise your Miami personal injury lawsuit. If you are wondering what not to put on social media during a personal injury case, you have surfed your way over to the right corner of the internet.

Social Media and Personal Injury Case

If you have one or several social media accounts on Meta (Facebook), Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or another site that is tied to your identity, it is in your interest to cease all activity on those platforms until your personal injury case is complete. Even a seemingly innocent misstep in terms of a status update, comment on another user’s post, or the uploading of an image can sabotage your Florida personal injury case. However, if you cannot resist the temptation to post on social media after your personal injury, heed the advice set forth below.

Meet with our Florida personal injury law firm for guidance. We will highlight how using social media or even being seen in public partaking in certain activities can compromise your case. In particular, we focus on social media platforms tied to victims’ names and images, as information tied to those identifiers can significantly weaken a Miami personal injury lawsuit.

Reasons To Avoid Social Media

If you attend a family outing, work, or other social function, do not reference it or post pictures documenting the experience. Though you can like others’ posts, provide general status updates and offer vague commentary on the content of others, everything you post could lead to many interpretations that will affect your case.

Clicking “post,” “tweet,” or similar buttons, the content you have drafted will be viewed from the perspective of a judge, jury, insurance company representative, and opposing counsel. If even one of the words, phrases, or images in your social media content has the potential to be used against you to weaken your case, do not publish the content.

In terms of liking others’ posts, do so only when such approval cannot be used to weaken your Miami injury case. For example, if someone in your social group references a golfing outing and tags you, liking that post can be a mistake as it can be used as evidence to prove you were capable of physical activity despite claiming to the contrary.

There is a common misconception that setting your social media account settings to private will preclude any potential self-incrimination. However, there is the potential for those in your digital circle to share or even like your social content, making it publicly visible or visible to another account. Insurers and opposing counsel throughout Miami are willing to befriend personal injury victims’ friends and family members on social media, setting a digital trap for you, the plaintiff, to walk directly into.

Assume the legal opposition has taken such steps. Make it known to your circle of friends and family that your social media use will be limited or indefinitely paused until your court battle is complete. Retain a laser-like focus on the goal of maximizing your financial compensation with the guidance of our Florida personal injury law firm.

Legal Help from a Personal Injury Law Firm in Miami

Miami injury victims should be aware that opposing counsel has the legal flexibility necessary to obtain a court order to access plaintiffs’ social media accounts. If you have posted anything related to your accident, subsequent injury, treatment, physical activity or mental condition after the accident, those words and images can be used against you in a court of law. Untag all images that your digital social circle posts of you across the entirety of socials, request that those individuals remove references to you, and always err on the side of caution.

Our Florida personal injury law firm is here to help with social media and personal injury in your quest to maximize your financial compensation after an accident or direct harm. If you have suffered a personal injury of any sort and even slightly suspect another party is at fault, contact us today. You can reach our Miami injury lawyer at (305) 428-3823