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Am I Responsible for Providing Evidence After a Car Accident?

Providing evidence to prove fault in a car accident is all that matters in any claim case in Florida. The Everglade State is a no-fault state. This means that under normal collision circumstances, no matter who is at fault, each driver is dully expected to pay for their property damage and personal injury expenses. This is why it is mandatory for each motorist to have at least some liability insurance.

Before registering an automobile, you must show proof of Property Damage Liability (PDL) and Personal Injury Protection (PIP) of $10,000 per accident. In the event that the damages and losses from the accident exceed the policy limits of the victim driver or road user’s policy, the victim can sue the parties at fault for additional compensation.

Despite this, a car accident Miami regulations follow the “pure comparative fault” mandate if all parties in the crash are found to share responsibility for its happening. In such instances, the jury is asked to calculate the following things based on the evidence available; the percentage of fault for each party and the total amount of the victim’s damage. These are used to determine the rightful compensation for the victim.

In both instances, the evidence available determines the victims can seek compensation. Suppose you are ever involved in a car accident in Florida and suffer injuries. In that case, it is best to seek an exceptional personal injury lawyer in Miami to help you pursue your rightful reimbursement. At Zagury Scott, P.A., you can expect a competent and compassionate injury lawyer to help with your case.

There are two primary aspects of evidence in a Florida car accident case; the law enforcement aspect and the victim’s aspect. Let us explore these:

In Florida, the state’s Highway Patrol is responsible for investigating nearly all car accidents within its jurisdiction. These often involve car crashes that that cause serious injuries or fatalities. These law enforcement officers have the skill and experience to investigate auto collisions that cause severe injuries and fatalities.

Once the police officers arrive at the accident scene, they will examine how the incident happened and ask some questions to the survivors and involved parties. They will draft an incident report using what they establish from their investigations. In most claim cases, the incident report is regarded as the official account of how the crash happened. Thus, any competent injury lawyer Miami, will use it to support their claim case.

However, the incident report from the police officers is only some of the evidence needed to establish fault. You, as the accident victim, also have a part to play. Immediately after the accident, you are supposed to check yourself for injuries – if you are well enough, check if any other passengers need immediate attention. While doing this, call 911 and inform the police and ambulance services of the accident.

As you wait for them, use this time to document the scene of the accident, your injuries, and the damage to your vehicle by taking photos and videos. Ensure you capture the accident scene plus all the injuries and damage you have incurred from various angles. Having eyewitnesses who can back up your account of events is a plus. The evidence you capture and collect will provide more clarity on how the accident came to be and its aftermath. This will be very useful evidence in proving that you did not have influence over or the least to do with the happening of the accident.

Need Help Providing Car Accident Evidence?

Either party involved in a car accident in Miami is responsible for providing evidence. If you fail to provide evidence, your claim case will likely weaken. However, if both of you provide evidence, your claim case will be stronger and better your chances of walking away with satisfactory compensation.

We at Zagury Scott, P.A., have been helping car accident victims in Miami, FL, find justice for years. We will help you get your incident report from the relevant law enforcement authority, record witness statements, and other necessary evidence for your case. Contact us today, and our reputable injury lawyer in Miami will share insights on proving your claim.