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What To Do if You’re Injured in an Uber or Lyft Ride

It is no secret that the ridesharing industry’s emergence has brought numerous advantages. As a resident of Miami, Florida, you likely have noticed that it has never been more affordable and convenient moving around the city in a car. On the flip side, the rise of rideshare vehicles on the road, like Uber and Lyft, has also increased the occurrence of fatal accidents. If you are ever involved in an Uber or Lyft accident as a passenger or another road user, it is vital you contact a competent personal injury lawyer immediately.

Lyft and Uber accidents are unlike other collisions involving personal and commercial vehicles. Many rideshare drivers use their vehicles for both personal and commercial purposes. Moreover, rideshare companies mandate that their drivers have a personal insurance policy for their vehicles. The companies have commercial fleet coverage, which only kicks in when the drivers are fulfilling a ride request.

Additionally, Florida follows the no-fault mandate for auto accident claims. Each driver is expected to have on their own insurance policy for reimbursement if they incur personal injuries or property damage in a crash. Every motorist in the state must have at least $10,000 in personal injury coverage and $10,000 in property damage coverage.

Considering all these, it can be pretty challenging for a rideshare accident victim to figure out on their own who is liable for the accident. The claims process can be pretty grueling for someone without legal knowledge in this field. A reputable injury lawyer will help you pursue your justified indemnification from the responsible party, whether it is the rideshare driver or the company. At Zagury Scott, P.A., we have one of the most accomplished Miami personal injury lawyers to help you.

Steps To Follow After a Lyft or Uber Car Accident

The actions you take after being involved in a rideshare as a passenger or another road user will have a massive impact on whether on the outcome of your claim case. It is vital that you do everything possible to keep yourself safe and ensure the smooth sailing of your claim case. Our top-notch legal team has compiled this step-by-step guide to aid you after being a victim of a rideshare accident.

Step 1: Check for Injuries

Examine how badly you are injured, and only if it is safe for you to do so, check on the other people involved in the collision. If you or anyone in the crash is injured, promptly call 911 for the police and emergency medical services (EMS) to come to the scene. Do not move injured persons or provide assistance that exceeds your medical training.

Step 2: Contact the Police

If you have contacted the police, they will likely arrive at the accident scene in a few minutes. If you have not, it is vital that you do so. Florida law mandates that motorists involved in accidents must report the incident to law enforcement if someone is injured or dies.

When the police arrive, they will investigate the accident and ask you and the other parties involved some questions. Answer these questions honestly without volunteering unnecessary information, as you can incriminate yourself. The responding officer will use the information they gather from their investigations and your statements to create an incident report, which will be useful evidence in your claim case.

Step 3: Collect Potential Evidence

Request the rideshare driver and the other parties involved in the accident for their contact information. If anyone witnessed the accident, also request their contact details. Use your smartphone camera to capture photos and videos of your injuries, the accident scene, and vehicle damage.

Step 4: Report the Crash to Lyft or Uber

Rideshare drivers are obligated to report accidents to their company. However, it is important that you also report the accident yourself in case the driver chooses not to. You can find accident reporting forms on Uber and Lyft’s websites. A representative from the company will likely reach out to you asking for your statement about the accident. It is vital that you speak to an experienced personal injury lawyer before giving your statement.

Step 5: Note What Happened

Details are crucial in accident claim cases involving rideshare companies. To ensure that you can remember everything that happened during the crush in detail throughout the claims process, you should write it down.

Step 6: Seek Help From an Injury Lawyer Miami

Natalie Zagury is one of the best Miami personal injury lawyers who will ensure you get justice for your injuries and losses as a Uber or Lyft car accident passenger. Contact us today to review your claim and let our injury lawyer Miami help you.