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Your Guide on What To Do After You’ve Been in a Car Accident

It can be tough to think clearly after a car crash. Even minor accidents can be terrifying, and many people feel overwhelmed or panicked after an accident occurs. If this is your first accident, you may not know what happens when you get in a car accident or what you should do next.

Your actions after an accident could influence future car accident claims, so it is best to keep a clear head. With this guide, you can stay calm and follow the right procedures after your collision.

What To Do After a Car Accident in Florida

Follow this guide on what to do after a car accident in Florida and comply with Florida’s car accident laws.

Move Your Vehicle to a Safe Location

If cars block traffic after a collision, it can potentially lead to additional accidents. This is especially true for a car accident in Miami, a city known for its busy roads. That is why you should move your vehicle to the side of the road if you can. It is also wise to turn on your hazard lights to alert others on the road of your presence.

Check for Injuries

Examine yourself to look for signs of injury. If you are injured, limit your movement until help arrives. Otherwise, you should check on the other parties involved in the accident. Request medical assistance right away if anyone is harmed. Even if you do not appear injured, it is best to schedule a checkup with your doctor later.

Contact the Authorities

Even if no one appears to be seriously injured, you should dial 911 for help. According to Florida Statutes Section 316.065, any vehicle accident that results in an injury or death must be reported to law enforcement immediately. The responding officer can also file a report, essential evidence for your future claim. Do not ever leave the scene of an accident before the authorities arrive. Stay in a safe location and wait to leave until you are given permission to do so.

Collect Evidence

Evidence of car accidents will not last long, so you should document your accident at the scene if you can. Snap photos of all vehicles involved, taking pictures from multiple angles. You should also take pictures of the road and any injuries you have sustained. In addition to exchanging information with other drivers involved in the collision, you should ask potential witnesses for their contact details.

Stick to the Facts

While you should speak with other parties involved in the accident, you should avoid discussing the accident or saying anything that is not strictly factual. Arguments, apologies, and other statements could damage your claim. Limit your conversations and be cautious about what you do say.

Start the Insurance Claims Process

Do not wait any longer than necessary to report your accident; contact your insurer. Your insurance company may ask you to take photos or collect information that can speed up your claim. While you should not delay reporting your accident, be cautious about what you say when speaking with insurance negotiators. Avoid signing any paperwork, and do not agree to accept a settlement. These actions could keep you from collecting additional compensation that you are owed.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in Miami Beach

Florida has a 4-year statute of limitations for car accident claims, so it is best to talk to a personal injury lawyer in Miami and begin the claims process immediately. It can be tough to file a claim if you are recovering from injuries, but an attorney can handle all aspects of the claims process. Contacting an attorney right away can increase your chances of a successful claim and could even help you recover damages more quickly.

Zagury Scott Can Help You After Your Car Accident

Unfortunately, it is not always easy to secure compensation after an accident. It is not unusual for insurance companies to offer insufficient settlements, and some insurers may even refuse to cover damages entirely. Zagury Scott, P.A. can protect your rights and will fight to ensure you receive everything you are legally entitled to.

Our lawyer will assess your claim and calculate its actual value. We will collect evidence that supports your claim and handle all negotiations with insurance companies. It is not easy to decide what to do after a car accident, and dealing with legal matters can be even more challenging. We will do everything we can to make this process easier for you.

Do not wait to take action on your car accident claim. Contact Zagury Scott, P.A., to schedule a consultation. Our attorney will provide you with the advice and support you need.