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attorney reviewing real estate documents
August 9, 2017
Closing Costs- How much is title insurance?
Buying property is often the biggest purchase someone makes in their lifetime. The cost, in both time and money, when purchasing property can be extremely […]
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House key
June 19, 2017
New FAR/BAR AS-IS Contract: What’s New?
As of April 4th of this year, the Florida FAR/BAR contract 4/17 has made some critical improvements to the specifications for contracts regarding the sale and […]
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bridge in the city
June 19, 2017
Removing the Facade of Miami’s High End Real Estate Market
It makes sense to look to large cities with a high growth rate when searching for suspicious real estate related activities. That is why it […]
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contract paper and a house keys
May 17, 2017
What is Title Insurance?
Of the varieties of insurances that exist, one of the least-discussed insurance options is title insurance. But what exactly is title insurance? Insurance, in general, […]
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contract signing of a couple
May 4, 2017
What to Expect at your Closing
What to Expect at Your Closing? After months, maybe even years, of searching for the perfect home, you’ve finally found the property of your dreams. […]
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city skyline
February 9, 2017
Miami Market Predictions
What a Trump Presidency May Mean for Miami Real Estate: New political regimes are often accompanied by uncertainty. But what happens when this regime is […]
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